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5 Top 2016 Spa and Hot Tub Trends

Technology Advancements Featured in Latest Hot Tubs

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Here in Santa Cruz County we are fortunate that we don’t really have to worry about the extreme cold that many of our fellow hot tub enthusiasts must endure. So while in some climates people will drain their hot tub during the winter, unless you are leaving home for an extended period of time, that is probably not necessary here.

Still, spring is one of our favorite seasons for hot tubbing. Followed, in no particular order, by summer, fall, and winter!

Because we specialize in making your hot tub energy efficient which saves you money, you can enjoy your spa year-round without feeling any guilt at all.

“Hot tubs are a great way to escape in any season,” says Brent Macklin, Co-Founder of Arctic Spas. “Whether it’s your own backyard oasis for when family and friends visit, or a therapeutic retreat for you, hot tubs offer many benefits no matter when.”

Here are some of the hot tub industry trends for 2016:

Automation: from built-in chlorine generators to automated water testing and adding of chemicals the goal is to take the lighten the load of maintaining a spa so you have more time having fun. Automated equipment can save you money as well as time. Keeping your spa properly maintained means you use fewer chemicals in the long run. With smartphones and apps you can even check on your hot tub’s water quality when you are at work.

Energy Efficiency: this is something that we have long worked on and promoted, now the rest of the energy is catching on. Our customers want to keep their expenses down and are environmentally conscious. Fortunately we have spa equipment that is more and more efficient which saves you money. Now there are hot tubs that will actually calculate how much they cost to run! This feature allows you to more closely monitor and adjust your water temperature, notice if you are having heat loss that can be fixed with a new spa cover, etc.

Size Matters: although some things are getting smaller, more and more people are looking at larger hot tubs that will accommodate a sizable gathering of friends and family. Some people are even opting for “swim spas” which are larger than a conventional spa, but smaller and more affordable than a swimming pool.

Mood Lighting: with the advance in LED lighting technology, you can add a little color to your hot tub experience. LED lights can direct your guest to a built in drink holder, jet location, and can even change colors. No more messy candles–with a snap of your finger you can create just the right party atmosphere. A fancy name for this is “chromatherapy”…by changing the color of the lights you can enhance the relaxation and calming effects of the spa even more.


Aromatherapy: A new feature that you can add to your mood lighting is the sense of smell. If the smell you associate with a hot tub is chlorine then it is time to update! A properly adjusted pool should not have any offensive odor. Today it is possible to add specific scents to your therapeutic spa experience. Hmmm, lavendar or ylang-ylang, anyone?

One feature that will never go away:

Hydrotherapy has long been known as one of the major benefits to owning a spa or hot tub. Spas improve your circulation and healing while reducing muscle and joint pain.

Whether you are a trend setter or want a more traditional hot tub, we can get you set so you save money while achieving all the benefits of hydrotherapy in the comfort of your own backyard.

Original article courtesy of Arctic Spas as seen on Investor Ideas.