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Aptos High’s Chris Staka’s Making Waves

Santa Cruz County Swimmer Sets Record

Chris Staka Aptos High Swimmer

We love swimming pools and the swimmers who use them, from little kids to retirees.

We are happy to share the news of one local swimmer, Chris Staka, a senior at Aptos High who has be recognized as one of the fastest swimmers in the country. Yep, that’s country with an ‘r’, as in the USA,, not just the count.

Aptos High's Chris Staka. (Dan Coyro -- Santa Cruz Sentinel)

Longtime Aptos High swim coach Jim Triplett earlier this year called senior Chris Staka the fastest swimmer to come out of Santa Cruz County.

Well, this month, it was announced by the NISCA that Staka officially made the list of All-Americans, placing in the top 20 prep swimmers for both freestyle and backstroke.

Staka will be leaving our county in just a few weeks for his freshman year at Alabama.

After that? He does have his eye on competing in the 2020 Olympics to be held in Tokyo. Right now, he is contemplating being part of the Croatian National Team. All of his grandparents were originally from Croatia.
Who knows what 4 more years might bring. Perhaps a spot on the US team. For now, congratulations on being one of the fastest in the water, here and across the country.


Thanks to Julie Jag and the Santa Cruz Sentinel for the original article on Staka’s accomplishment.

Photos courtesy of the Santa Cruz Sentinel, Dan Coyro