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Capitola Hot Place for Pools, Spas, Hot Tubs

Swimming the Good Life in Beautiful Capitola, California

Capitola California vacation homes with pool and spa

Capitola, California is a very popular place for second homes and vacation rentals.

Between the wharf and the whales (and other ocean critters) you can sure see why!

whale off Capitola coastline
Our wonderful customer Karon has both a pool and a spa.
A recent widow, Karon has turned to Surf City to maintain her vacation homes pool and spa.
We brought both up to date–and she sent us this great note!


Thank You note to Surf City from Capitola pool owner
Thanks for making our day, Karon!
We look forward to helping you keep your Capitola pool and spa sparkling and running great for years to come!

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Photo of the Capitola wharf via the brokerage properties

Photo of the whale off the Capitola coast via Redfin