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Capitola Swimming Pool Solar Heating

Environmentally Friendly Pool Heating Keeps Kids at Home

swimming pool with ring toy

Mr and Mrs Smitt wanted their boys to stick around this summer and have their friends over to swim in their family swimming pool in Capitola.

Nice, right?

But no one would swim in the pool.

Why? It was cold!

Who wants to swim in a cold pool? No one.

Surf City Pool Spa and Solar suggested adding a solar heating system. Most systems in Santa Cruz County pay for themselves after the first year compared to using a gas heater alone. Plus with solar, we are not hurting the environment.

Solar heating panel installation by Michael Hall of Surf City Pool Spa and Solar
That’s Mike up on another roof!

The Smitt’s agreed and so this summer your going to find Trevor and Donovan in their pool with all of their friends. Oh, and Mom and Dad, too!

Now, that is cool–in a very good way!

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