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COVID Affects Hot Tubs

COVID affects hot tub sales

NOPE, probably not what you expect to read. It isn’t COVID INfects hot tubs–this is NOT saying that there is a problem with safely using your hot tub because of COVID. But COVID affects hot tubs in terms of sales, pricing, and availability.

Consider this–more and more people are spending an increased percentage of their time at home. And they are less able to go on vacations, whether long or short.

That means we are seeing people “nesting”. They are doing things to improve their home and making it the stay-cation dream spot.

Hot tub wood deck photo by Atlanta Decking and Fencing Company

For a lot of people that means taking that vacation budget and buying, or upgrading, their hot tub, spa or swimming pool. We sure get that!

However, if you are in that camp, and think you will be able to have that wonderful addition done quickly and easily, then you just might have another think coming.

Especially if you are looking for a brand new spa, you will find longer lead times and higher costs.

Supply and demand? In part, sure. But we are also finding that COVID affects hot tubs because of supply chains and factory shut downs.

Surf City Pool Spa and Solar owner, Michael Hall

That makes maintaining your current system even more important. It also makes refurbished spas and hot tubs even more appealing for people looking to get their first or a replacement unit. They are often available at a lower price with a shorter wait.

So if you are in the Santa Cruz area and are interested in buying a spa or upgrading your spa or pool equipment, give us a call. We’ll discuss your goals and dreams and see what we can come up with to fulfill them.