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Fighter Pulled After Hot Tub Incident

Maybe this guy has been hit too many times,

hot tub incident dawsonbut it seems he doesn’t really understand what a hot tub is for.

In case you didn’t hear, a MMA fighter by the name of Grant Dawson had to withdraw from participating in a fight after spending time in a hot tub.

How much time? Almost 3 hours!

According to the fighter he had done this before. The goal apparently to cut weight. By his account the chemistry in the hot tub was off which resulted in his having to go to the emergency room and be pulled from the competition.

PLEASE. Hot tubs are for fun and relaxation. They have many therapeutic benefits. But using a hot tub to “cut weight” is just wrong.

Keeping your hot tub clean and making sure the chemicals are properly balanced will prevent most of the problems Dawson claims were a result of his hot tub “incident.” Even so, most people like their hot tubs hot…their not called warm tubs, right? Limit the time you spend in your hot tub, especially if you like it really hot. And don’t let yourself get dehydrated. Cool down and get back in but definitely cool down.