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Gotta Love Living in Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz County beach at sunset

Whether you live in Santa Cruz the city or along the coast in Aptos or a bit inland like Soquel, it is pretty hard to beat living in Santa Cruz County.

I find that I am especially grateful for our mild climate when I hear about the arctic blast that much of the country has been going through. We may think it gets cold here, but what we experience is nothing compared to the snow and cold that the east coast and even places like Texas have been getting this winter.

And as much as I enjoy getting into a hot tub when it is cold outside and the heat of the spa makes a ton of steam–I’m glad we’re not having to deal with frozen pipes under swimming pools like the folks in the Dallas-Fort Worth area have been.

Surf City Pool Spa and Solar Delivering Spa in Aptos

I guess the bottom line is I wouldn’t make a very good polar bear!

If you are like me and love a good hot soak, be sure to keep your spa equipment in good running order. Maybe we don’t have to worry about frozen pipes, but it is important that you keep running your filters and keep your swimming pool and hot tub clean. Winter is often a good time to do some updating if you have been considering an upgrade to your heating or filtration system, or even a new spa.

We can install a solar heating system for your pool or hot tub, make pool equipment repairs, and any other upgrades you might be considering–and we can do it now so you are ready to go once the weather is a bit warmer.

Just give us a call to talk about what would be the best choice for you, based on your budget and your goals–because we like keeping our customers in hot water 😉