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Hillbilly Hot Tub

Recently we wrote about an awesome hot tub that actually floats with you. (If you didn’t read that one, be sure to check it out here.)

We were really excited about that hot tub. Think of the possibilities. Okay, here in Santa Cruz County we maybe don’t have the ideal rivers for the HotTug…but it might work at Vasona Lake or some quiet calm spots…imagine the otters’ reaction to a hot tub in Monterrey Bay!

On the flip side, we’ve seen lots of people try to have hot tubs on the cheap. While we totally get wanting to have a hot tub in your dorm room for example, it might not be everyone’s cup of tea.

Take these guys. I mean, I gotta admire their desire and creativity.

The “hot tub” consists of an industrial tarp. There are some ratcheted straps that hold it in position. Simply fill with a garden hose. Not sure why the hood is up…and how classic, one of the guys is texting…maybe that’s how the girls got there?

hillbilly hot tub


We don’t recommend you follow the hillybilly hot tub example. For one thing, they actually decide to park it in a handicap parking spot. For another thing, they are drinking in the back of the hot tub…and I’m pretty sure we’d get a ticket for that in Santa Cruz!

Want other DIY hot tub installation ideas, or mobile hot tubs for that matter. Well…this title says it all. “Don’t Do this At Home”

So have a laugh and enjoy the fun…but if you want to have REAL hot tub fun, please give us a call. We’ll install an affordable hot tub for you where you can enjoy a couple beers, your buddies, and the girls–without looking over your shoulder wondering when the cops are going to give you a ticket for either parking in a handicap zone or drinking in public.