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Hot Tub Demand Projected to Increase

Market Research Indicates Hot Tub Use Continues to Rise

Hot Spring brand hot tub

According to a press release from FactMR market research company out of Maryland, demand for residential outdoor hot tubs or spas is expected to rise for at least the next decade.

Hot tubs are known for their health and relaxation benefits which greatly contributes to their high demand. We’ve reported for more than two years that hot tubs in places like Capitola and Aptos are no longer considered a luxury item. Seems like the rest of the world is catching on to that idea!

Interestingly, this demand is seem around the world, not just in places known to favor hot tubs, such as our beautiful Santa Cruz County!

In Europe and North America, outdoor hot tubs are gradually becoming a necessity for the masses rather than a luxury.

Jacuzzi brand hot tub

The report states that it is expected that the demand for hot tubs will increase as businessmen and other professionals rely on their spas for physical relaxation as well as mental stress relief. This isn’t a new idea–we’ve covered this topic previously. You can read our take on why high-functioning people actually need a hot tub here.

With the fast-paced and hectic lifestyle, individuals continue to experience stress, tensions, increased muscle soreness. In order to detoxify the body, individuals prefer spending on outdoor spa services and hydrotherapy. Growing popularity of spa and hydrotherapy among individuals will intensify demand for the outdoor hot tubs in the spa and wellness industry. As hydrotherapy and outdoor spa therapies help in relieving muscle pains and tensions, individuals are replicating these relaxing techniques and accommodating at their residence.

While there are places one can go for relaxation, what better place to unwind than your own home. Especially here in Santa Cruz where we can enjoy the soothing warm water in the cool (but not snowy!) evenings.

Of course it is a matter of personal preference, but in our humble opinion, there is nothing better than being able to direct from the relaxing hot tub to a cozy night’s sleep. That’s something you can’t do if you are at a “therapeutic center”!

Bottom line, if you have been considering installing a hot tub at your home in Santa Cruz, it will be something you can enjoy–and be a positive selling point should you ever decide to move.

Surf City Pool Spa and Solar owner, Michael Hall

Want to read more? Click here for the full press release.

Top photo is from Hot Spring brand hot tubs

Middle photo courtesy of Jacuzzi brand hot tubs