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Hot Tub Doubles as a Boat

Maybe We Should Take this Cool Hot Tub for a Ja-Cruisey Down the River?

We first heard about this hot tub that as works as a boat on The Amazing Race in April 2015…don’t be surprised if you start to see it closer to home–read more!

hot tub on amazing race april 2015

Or is it a boat that works as a hot tub? Well, regardless of what you think the primary function is, we thought it was awesome then, and we still do–we the “Hot Tug” is pure fun!

According to their website:

The HotTug is the world’s first wood-fired hot tub that you can sail or tug(boat) that you can bathe in. Float down a river in the middle of winter, sipping a cold drink and soaking in the steaming hot water – a truly fantastic never-to-be-forgotten experience.

The tub’s water is heated by the wood burning stove on board. While most people are happy with the 2.4 KW engine, you can even add an outboard motor. Not sure speeding through the waterways is quite as relaxing and suitable for the hot tub lifestyle.

The 6-8 people that the HotTugs are designed to hold should be able to relax more comfortably than the Amazing Race contestants did. Even though they were soaking it up, they were also under the gun to find clues and get to that finish line for the $1 million prize.

The HotTug is the big prize for most users. Previously only available in Europe (for ownership or for rental), the crafts have passed the US Coast Guard safety tests and so we should be seeing more of them sailing around this continent soon. The first hot tub boats (HotTugs) were scheduled to arrive on US shores last year…wouldn’t it be fun to be one of the first to sight one (and watch the other folks do major double takes in the process!)

HotTug hot tub that doubles as a boat

The HotTug was designed and invented by Dutch designer Frank de Bruijn from ‘Supergoed’. The HotTug is a unique concept and is designed with love and attention to detail. The shape, the use of materials and the bright colours break with the traditions of the nautical world. The characteristic skin of polyester with stainless steel and chestnut wood gives the HotTug a fresh and bright look and feel. It’s not just the concept but also the design that brings a smile to the faces of the people sitting in it and the people watching it.

For those really enamored, HotTug is looking for entrepreneurs who are interesting in either selling or renting these fun ships!

Thanks Gear Junkie for this great article, which can be read in entirety here.

Click here for more information on how to distribute HotTugs