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Hot Tub Gives Hope and Comfort to Disabled Child

Therapeutic Benefits of Hot Tubs

therapeutic benefits of hot tub

Enjoying the Therapeutic Benefits of Her Hot Tub

Most of us are fortunate enough to enjoy our hot tubs for fun. Sure, we love how it eases our aching muscles or even our joint pain. But for some users, the therapeutic benefits of hot tubs and spas completely change their lives.

This story hit us so strongly we wanted to share it with you:

A 7 year old girl in Belgrade, Montana is blind, has cerebral palsy, and is missing part of her brain. To say this young girl is facing some serious medical challenges is an understatement.

Now, due to the generosity of the Montana Hope Project, a nonprofit organization set up by the Association of Montana Troopers, and Mountain Hot Tub, Lena Brown has a hot tub. She floats in the the warm waters and has fun while benefiting from the therapeutic effects of the water and jets.

“It gives her freedom she doesn’t get anywhere else,” said Jeannie Brown, Lena’s grandmother who adopted her in 2009. “You can see the absolute pleasure on her face.”

Mountain Hot Tub owners Kelly and Shirley King attended Tuesday’s ceremony. Kelly King said he had known the hot tub would help the family, but “to actually see it really emphasizes the importance of them having it.”

Thanks to the Montana Hope Project and the Kings for making this life-changing story come true.

Thanks to Whitney Bermes at the Daily Chronicle for this article, which you can read in full here.

Photo by Adrian Sanchez-Gonzalez of the Daily Chronicle