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Hot Tubs and Beer Taken to the Extreme

Soaking in Suds–Don’t Try This Beer Filled Hot Tub at Home!*

We prefer our hot tubs hot, with clean, clear water.

We prefer our beer, crisp and cold.

But that doesn’t suit everyone’s taste, apparently. Someone has decided it is a good idea to soak in a beer filled hot tub. Seriously!

The Starkenberg Brewery in Austria has a hot tub that is filled with beer, available for guests to soak in. And in theory at least, to drink. No thanks–at least to the drinking part.

So what’s the deal here? The “hot tub” is actually an old fermenting vat which they have converted to a bathing spot. Filled with warm, bitter, beer!

Rather than drink the stuff you are soaking in, you can instead order a pint and drink that while you soak. That sounds better than the alternative!

According to the spokesperson in the video you don’t want to shower after your plunge:

“It’s very good for your skin,” Andrea Stigger, a Starkenberger employee said. “You get fine, velvety skin. We recommend not showering afterward so it can soak in.”

Just don’t head back to the office afterwards!

*And please, don’t try filling your hot tub with beer–use water and the appropriate chemicals–and enjoy your beer from a glass, or stein!