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Hot Tubs Yield Even More Health Benefits

Good News for Santa Cruz County Hot Tub Users

Hot tub wood deck photo by Atlanta Decking and Fencing Company

Hot tubs and spas are in the news again for their health benefits. Yes, the jets and hot water help people relax and ease joint pain. That isn’t surprising–and it isn’t the latest good news for hot tub users.

Regular soaks in your hot tub may help you avoid getting Type 2 Diabetes! And you don’t even have to get on the underwater exercise bike to get the results. You just need to soak. Now that is my kind of health advice!

That is what Everyday Health reported. Granted this site focuses on health for women, but I think men can at least use the report as a good excuse to enjoy a soak, too!

A hot soak, also known as passive hot water immersion, has been shown to help improve glucose control, potentially by enhancing insulin sensitivity.

The study was small, but I think we might be able to round up some volunteers if some organization in Santa Cruz County wanted to repeat the study here. It involves soaking up to your neck for about 1 hour, 3-4 times per week, for several months.  Actually, the women only had to be up to their necks until their body temp rose 1 degree Celcius. After that only half their body was submerged.

As a result of this “exercise” the women experienced lower blood pressure and reduced heart rate.  The study also found that the hot tub soaks reduced inflammation in the participants.

All in all, I have got to say this is another great endorsement of the health benefits of owning (and using) a hot tub or spa.

Maybe the saying about an apple a day, should be changed to a soak a day keeps the doctor away!


Photo courtesy of Hot tub Atlanta Decking and Fencing Company