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New Spa on the To Do List? Short on Cash?

new spas cost big bucks

You may THINK your spa needs to be replaced. But what if we could save you a boatload (or spa-load) of cash and still bring your beloved spa to like new condition?

Many times I am called out to check on a hot tub that is 10 years old, or more. The owners frequently are concerned that getting a new spa is beyond their budget, but have no idea how they could live without their personal hot tub.

Frankly, most folks do not have the available cash to replace a tub!

I am so happy that I am able to provide my customers with a solution. And it isn’t a “quick fix” or “make-do” solution either.

Take this spa, for example, located in beautiful Santa Cruz County.

spa equipment died new spa needed?

It was clear that these clients use their hot tub daily. Stepping into the spa area, it was obvious the amount of love this couple has for their private oasis.

No Virginia, Spa Equipment Doesn’t Last Forever

Yes, it is true. Spa equipment does have a “useful life” after which it just doesn’t work well, or may quit working entirely. This was the case here. But that does not mean that you automatically have to replace a hot tub that fits your needs. Rather than removing their retreat and selling them a new spa, I told them about a great, money-saving option.

new spa cost avoided with refurbished spa equipment

Upgrading spa equipment can be the perfect solution. Replacing the controls for the spa is the most cost effective way to bring an older spa back to like new condition.

Here’s to a new life, and another 10 years of pleasure in the oasis.

So whether you are looking to buy a new spa or hot tub, replace an existing unit, or need some help with getting your private oasis working like new again, give us a call.