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One Downside to Portable Hot Tub: Spa Thieves

stolen hot tub image from MEN Media

This case gives new meaning to the term “portable hot tub”–one that won’t make owners happy. Above is a photo of the hot tub happily in place on the raised deck of an English couple.

The hot tub measures about 6 feet across and holds about 400 gallons of water. Keep in mind that a gallon of water weighs more than 8 pounds–so we’re talking about 1-1/2 TONS of the wet stuff.

Get this: there was no sign that the hot tub was tipped out before it was removed. No water in the garden. No plants suffering from drowning or chlorine. (Cue music from your favorite alien movie…)

On top of that, the owners were asleep in side, just feet away from their beloved hot tub.

Even though it was winter, the couple had been using it, checking on the temp nightly to be sure everything was okay and not at risk of burst pipes. Smart.

Oh…but they had a warm spell…and didn’t check on it for a few days.

Perhaps the hot tub got lonely and sent out an SOS? Or perhaps the thieves sensed their opportunity.

One of the owners joked: “It’s like aliens have come down from space and taken it!”

If you put aside the aliens theory and assume that humans actually stole the inflatable hot tub, the assumption is the thieves gradually drained the spa over those few days…and put the water…somewhere.

Even without the watery evidence, that makes sense. After all, who could life it full?

The owners are considering replacing their hot tub with one that is a little less portable.

Although the police are not confident they will be able to recover the stolen spa, they quipped

“hopefully we can make it too hot to handle, so the thieves can’t shift it.”

If you are considering adding a spa to your yard, give us a call and we can help determine the right style for your home. Keep in mind how much water weighs, how many people you will want to use the spa at the same time as well as your heating needs. Using soft sided portable hot tubs may seem like the inexpensive way to go, but as this example points out, sometimes a more permanent style will actually save you money and heartache.

The original article can be read here

Photo courtesy of MEN Media