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Personal Swimming Pools, a Personal Haven

Should Santa Cruz Pool Owners Ban Electronic Gadgets?

resort swimming pools ban electronic gadgets

While it is unlikely that homeowners in Santa Cruz County are going to ban cell phones and other electronic devices from their pools, some places (and people) are making just that move.

For these folks, part of the reason they have a pool is to enjoy the peace and quiet. They are able to feel transported away from their electronic devices. They like to think of the backyard sanctuary like taking a mini-vacation.

You might not go to the extremes of the DIY swimming pool guys. In their “more modern” pools they have rigged up a water delivery system using bamboo. Even then, their pools are off the grid–literally! Well, except for the cell phones for taking the videos and a few selfies.

DIY pool guysHmm, so maybe that doesn’t count as electronics free! And here in Santa Cruz we do need to have heat for our pools. Details, details.

Families might view pool time as family time–not screen time. There may be noise, but it is happy playful noise generated by the living, breathing beings that share their physical space–as opposed to those on a screen.

Many of our customers live in our beautiful coastal cities such as Aptos and Capitola, but they work in the Silicon Valley. At least they officially work there. Some have the luxury of working from home. Or from the pool deck!

You bet those folks enjoy being able to take a dip to cool off when it gets hot, get a few laps in as part of their exercise routine and quick break. Or they might like a good soak to relax those tense muscles–from thinking to hard or from hunching over the keyboard.

relaxing hot tub destress

The bottom line is that your personal pool is your personal haven–whatever that looks like for you!

What About Public or Hotel/Resort Swimming Pools?

commercial pools are our specialty

But what about when you go to a public pool, or you are at a lovely resort or hotel? Would you like to have laptops and cell phones and other gadgets banned? Or should people be able to use them at pool side?

Have you ever been on vacation and tried to relax poolside only to have someone (or several someones) talking loudly on their cellphone?

Really, when I’m on vacation I don’t need to hear about your ailments, or troubles back home or at the office. Some folks will actually bring their laptops to the pool area and use a table like their personal work station. I know you may be a workaholic, but seriously? Is it really a good business practice to conduct meetings in such a public forum?

And then there are the families where each kid seems to have their own device to keep them entertained. While I may shake my heads at the kids who are heads down texting their buddies, at least they are being quiet. But some kids are watching videos without the benefit of headphones. Not cool.

That is one reason that the Ayana resort in Bali has decided to make one of their pools an electronics free zone.

Bali resort swimming pool bans electronic devices

…a luxury resort in Bali, Indonesia is banning electronic devices from one of its swimming pools. With its “In the Moment” campaign, the five-star Ayana Resort & Spa wants to encourage its guests to unplug and fully enjoy their me-time, which it feels can be more easily accomplished if they’re not worrying about calls, checking email or what’s happening on social media.

When there are several swimming pools at a resort, this seems like a great compromise. Ayana, for example, has 12 different swimming pools! That means folks who can’t live without their electronics have a place to chat or work poolside. Those of us whose idea of vacation haven means peace and quiet, get their wish granted, too.

The “River Pool” at Ayana Resort & Spa, photo courtesy of Ayana