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Pool Equipment Maintenance is Important

swimming pool equipment maintenance: filter clean on left, dirty on right
The dirty filter on the right was the reason our customer’s pool was not getting clean!

The Problem: Dirty Pool

Recently I got a call from a customer (who does not use our cleaning service). They couldn’t understand why their pool was dirty. They asked if I could come check out their “broken” pool ASAP. So we scheduled a visit.

When I got there, sure enough their pool was pretty dirty, despite their efforts at sweeping etc.

Well, I checked out the swimming pool equipment and quickly discovered the problem.

The Solution: Clean the Filters

So sometimes people don’t remember, or maybe they were never taught, your pool filters need to be cleaned, too! The pool filter captures the dirt in your pool–up to a point. But when the filter is dirty and it can’t take up any more then the pool just doesn’t get clean.

The filters in the photo above show the importance of swimming pool equipment maintenance. The one on the right is how the filter looked when I took it out. The filter on the left is all new and squeaky clean. Regularly cleaning your pool filters extends their life and saves you money.

If you don’t have the time or energy to keep your pool equipment properly maintained so your swimming pool is sparkling clean and inviting, then hire someone for regular cleaning services. They will make sure your filters are clean and that your chemistry is all in balance. You will still want to do some light brushing and skimming leaves, but by letting us do a regular cleaning your work is kept to a minimum and your enjoyment is totally max’ed!