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Pool Fun and Summer Water Safety

Aptos Sunset

June is here and we are approaching the start of summer here in the Santa Cruz mountains. It is the perfect time to remind our water loving friends and clients to keep water safety in mind now, and all season long.

Consider Swimming Lessons

kid learning to swim

If you are one of our clients who owns a pool, be sure that you and every guest can enjoy their time safely. Every one can have more fun in the water if they know how to swim, so encourage all your guests to take lessons if they haven’t already.

Swimming lessons are available for all ages, from infants to adults of all ages. Adults will often benefit from finding an instructor who specializes in working with grown ups, or at least has experience working with adults. Some instructors will help you achieve water safety, whether to comfortable playing in the pool with the grandkids or being on a boat. Others can help you fine tune your stroke so you get more fitness from your pool time. And for anyone who has a fear of the water, swimming lessons with a good, qualified instructor are the best way to cure that!

Even if you don’t own a pool, swimming lessons are a great idea for everyone. Keep in mind we are on the coast, and there are also lakes and other pools around!

Flotation Devices

kid relaxing in pool

Ah…floating in the water is so relaxing, right? But some of us don’t seem to float as well as others. Maybe we want to use a raft or pool noodle or some other floaties to help keep us up, or even mostly out of the water. That’s cool, but don’t use them as a replacement for learning to swim. And, especially if you have little kids around, be sure that you can always see under the pool float in case someone gets in trouble. It can be scary to feel trapped under water–and even if it seems like an easy thing to move out of the way, it might not feel that way if you are trying to get to the surface.

Keep an Eye on the Kids and Pets

pool safety for pets

With, or without flotation devices, we need to keep an eye on people in the pool, again, especially little kids. Make sure your pool is secure from curious little ones when you aren’t there to supervise.

Everyone should be accounted for, and someone in particular should keep an eye on the kids when you are in and around the swimming pool. And don’t forget the family pets–be sure your dogs have a way to get out of the pool in case they fall in.

Have More Fun with the Sun

Up On The Roof

By keeping water safety in mind, we can have tons of fun in our backyard pool, and that is what it is all about.

Since summer is just starting, your pool may feel a bit chilly. If you decide you want to extend your swimming season to have more fun in the sun time, you might consider adding solar heat to your backyard oasis. Many of our clients from Avila to Santa Cruz, from near the ocean to up in the hills, have found that solar heating really adds to their enjoyment of their pool.

If you are thinking about solar, give us a call!