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PSA (Pool Service Announcement)

Your Old Swimming Pool Filtration System May Cost You Big Bucks!

Santa Cruz County swimming pool filtration system updating to save customer money

Is your swimming pool filtration system more than 10 years old? You may be throwing away money every day.

The owners of this Scotts Valley swimming pool contacted us when they realized their pool equipment needed some help. Now they are set to have fun in their newly upgraded pool without having to worry about wasting money or chemicals.

Don’t worry, be happy!

Don’t let the wind carry away your hard earned cash!

old inefficient swimming pool filtration system is like throwing your money to the wind

By upgrading your system you can save the cost of the install in the first couple of years in energy costs.

Making your spa or pool filtration system more efficient reduces the amount of time it has to run. That in turn means you actually use fewer chemicals and make for a happier pool–not to mention pool owner and user!

If your pool is in Santa Cruz County then be sure to contact us about how we can help save you money and increase your time in the water. We have pool equipment options that will fit just about any budget.

So stop throwing you money away, call Surf City today! 831-438-0882