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Ramen Filled Hot Tub: Are We Soup Yet?

Do you really want to soak in a hot tub filled with limp noodles?
Ramen Bath House

Don’t you just love relaxing in a hot tub? A good long soak, and you are feeling just like a limp noodle. But do you want to soak with them?

Well, in Japan you can soak in a hot tub that is designed to resemble a bowl of ramen. But the uniqueness of the soak is not just about the appearance of the hot tub…

The water does actually have pork broth (reportedly no chunks) and noodles in it.

Well, the broth is real, but the health department wouldn’t allow real noodles, so they are synthetic. Guess that’s good news…but it does make us wonder about the health department a bit that we are allowed to soak in pork juice.

According to the owners of the spa, the pork soak is good for your health. I don’t know…it just sounds like something the Big Bad Wolf would say to Little Red Riding Hood. Oh come on honey, just jump in and relax!

The broth contains large amounts of collagen, a protein high in amino acids, which are essential to healthy skin.

So, if you are interested in soaking in some extra collagen, head for Hakone, Japan, and find the Yunessun Spa House.

Recently we reported that you can soak in a hot tub filled with beer in Austria.

Perhaps we can come up with a list of odd ways to fill a hot tub and soak–a hot tub filled with fun tour around the world!

We certainly don’t recommend any of these ideas for your home hot tub or spa–save that for your next trip. And if you fun across a fun soak idea, let us know and we’ll add it to the list.

Photo credit:  Facebook Fine Design of Cipop
We found this article on The Daily Meal (yep, for real!)