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Santa Cruz Hot Tub Survives Fire

santa cruz hot tub among fire debris

Incredibly, Hot Tub Scorched–Still Standing After Loma Fire Devours Yard

You have got to see the photo to believe it!

We certainly don’t suggest you put your hot tub to this sort of test! And we hope none of us has to face another fire…

But we just had to share a photo that one of our customers sent after the Loma fire hit Santa Cruz and Santa Clara counties last fall. If you weren’t in the area hardest hit, you might not be aware that this fire destroyed almost 4500 acres including 12 homes.

The message we got with the photo says it all:

The tub is always gonna save the day

Enjoy your hot tub, and let it save your aching muscles…whether it is to warm them up after lots of rain, or to relax after a hard day’s work rebuilding, or just for fun. After all one of the best things about living in Santa Cruz County is the peaceful relaxation in your backyard hot tub, am I right?

But Smoky says, in case of forest fire, please evacuate!