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Is Your Santa Cruz Swimming Pool Safe?

OUCH! West Nile Virus Found in Santa Cruz County


West Nile has arrived according to county officials.

Don’t let your Santa Cruz swimming pool harbor the mosquitoes that carry the virus!

Santa Cruz County Mosquito and Vector Control collected a sampling of seven northern house mosquitoes at the lagoon July 12 with a dry-ice baited trap. The virus-positive results were reported by the Davis Arbovirus Research and Training Lab at UC Davis on Friday, and publicized Monday.

Warm weather has the virus infected mosquitoes appearing earlier than normal. Be aware, and take precautions. And be sure to keep your pool properly maintained.

Mosquitoes love stagnant water–not clean, circulating pool water. If you regularly use your pool, it is not going to harbor mosquitoes.

Be sure to empty any standing water that may be found near the pool, such as saucers under potted plants.

If you are not able to take care of your pool, give us a call and we can be sure that your pool is properly maintained and mosquito free so you can spend your time enjoying the water, not worrying about it.

Click here to read the original article from the Santa Cruz Sentinel by Jessica A York

For more information on West Nile virus, visit westnile.ca.gov.