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Santa Cruz Swimming Pool Solar Heat Install

Up On The Roof

Up On The Roof

That’s Mike up on the Roof for this solar heating installation

The Cabelero family has 3 teenagers–with lots of friends. The kids are lucky, Mom and Dad wanted the friends to feel at home and to have lots of fun in the pool

They wanted to extend the swimming season in Northern California into early spring and late into the fall.

To accomplish this we upgraded their swimming pool heating equipment. We designed a coil solar heating system for them. The coil solar “panels” are super efficient. With this system they could have swimming pool temperatures in October as high as 95 degrees if they wanted!

The Roof Before Solar heating installation

Santa Cruz roof before the solar heating is in place


The roof after Solar heating installation in Santa Cruz

Coil Swimming Pool Solar Heating System in place









This fall, the entire family and all their friends, will be enjoying warm water with this Santa Cruz swimming pool solar heating installation job!