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Solar Heating for Your Swimming Pool, Spa, or Hot Tub

Typically when people think of a “green” pool, they think of one that is dirty and needs a good chemical shock. What if you could have a green pool that is actually sparkling clean, environmentally friendly, and economical? That is what you get when you install solar heating systems for your swimming pool, spa or hot tub.

Solar Heating Costs solar heating

If you are hesitant to have solar equipment installed because you are afraid of the cost, then be sure to think about your costs in the long run. We can help you to calculate the return on your investment. Customers are often surprised at how much money they save with solar heating.

Use the Power of the Sun

Solar heating can actually be used for your pool or spa in more than one way. One of the simplest systems and a cost effective way to start is with a solar pool cover. Not only will the sun help warm your water, by keeping the pool or spa covered you reduce heat lost to the air.

Declare Independence from Oil

Swimming pool solar heating systems are the most economical way to heat your pool. You have probably seen solar panels on rooftops that are used for hot water in the house. The swimming pool solar equipment works in the same way. Cool water is pumped through the collector arrays where it is heated by the sun. Then the warm water is pumped back to the pool for your enjoyment.

Of course a new pool can have solar heating installed, but just about any pool can have a solar heating system installed, often using the existing pumps. We’ll come out and take a look at your current heating unit and let you know if we can retrofit it for solar.

You may opt to have your swimming pool completely heated using solar, or you may choose to use solar heating to supplement your traditional heater.

Always Summer

Okay, maybe not always, but you can definitely extend summer with a solar heating system for you pool or spa. Call us today and we will help you discover the joys and benefits of heating with solar—just like our happy customers, both commercial and residential, from Santa Cruz to Sonora!