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Surf City Pool and Spa Active in Scotts Valley

Surf City Pool and Spa is in Scotts Valley

Helping Scotts Valley in the Swim and Having Fun

Surf City Pool and Spa is alive and well in Scotts Valley for your swimming pool and spa needs, despite appearances to the contrary.

We got a call recently from a long time Scotts Valley customer concerned that it appeared we had closed for business when she searched for us online (Oh no!)

I’m very grateful that we were alerted to this so we can have our computer tech folks addressing the issue, and at the same time I wanted to reassure all our loyal customers and anyone looking for swimming pool, hot tub, or spa services in the area that we are indeed alive and well in Scotts Valley and all of Santa Cruz County.

The confusion has come about because we used to have a store front in Scotts Valley when we operated under a different business name (Holiday Pool and Spa). Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, we are able to take phone calls while we are out and about (call us at 831-438-0882) and we learned that most of our customers didn’t really need to come to us, they need us to come to them. So, now we save money and time, and pass that savings on to you, by not having a “brick and mortar” store. Instead we are at your homes and businesses–where you need us–taking care of your swimming pool needs.

When we moved out of the store in Scotts Valley we changed our name and so Surf City Pool Spa and Solar was born.

Whether you are looking for a new hot tub, a refurbished spa, or need servicing for your swimming pool or equipment, Surf City Pool, Spa and Solar is still the #1 source for homeowners and businesses in Scotts Valley.