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Surf City Pool Spa and Solar in the News in Santa Cruz

Pool and Spa Water Saving TipsThe drought is a big concern for everyone in California, including us and our customers. (Read our recent post about ways to save water for your pool and spa.)

On May 30, The Santa Cruz Sentinel ran a story about the economics of the drought and how local businesses that rely on water (and don’t we all) all making it work.

The story is very interesting. Of course, I’m a little biased as Jessica talked to me about the situation and how we are helping our customers understand that they can enjoy their pools and spas and still be solid citizens conserving water.

Read the entire article, but if you are running short on time, here are the final 3 paragraphs–because of course she saved the best for last!

Other business owners are adapting to the drought in a different way. Surf City Pool Spa and Solar’s Michael Hall focuses on educating the public on ways to effectively conserve while continuing to consume.

Hall said his customer base has remained steady throughout the drought, but he has found that people are more likely to question how water is wasted in the process of pool and spa installations or cleanings. For the past two years, he has been more proactive in suggesting pool solar blankets that reduce evaporation.

“My company, we offer to hold up to 300 gallons in a storage tank that we take to job sites where we’re draining the hot tubs. If the water’s not too old and it’s in good shape and we need to drain it, we will hang on to the water for the customer until it’s time to refill it,” Hall said. “When we see the questions coming in, we had to find a solution.”

Thanks Jessica for the great shout out. And thanks to our loyal customers for helping us save a vital resource.