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Swimming Pool News Flash

Social Media and Swimming Pool News

Sometimes the mix of swimming pool news on social media is great, other times what makes a spash is maybe not so smart!

Balcony Transformed into Swimming Pool

While we have to give this kid some cred for his creativity, we suspect that a future photo will show a disaster in the making or after the fact. But maybe he will grow up to create other swimming pool news or hot tubs like the one we wrote about two years ago, called the Hillbilly Hot tub that a guy built in his pickup truck!

Swimming Pool News Flash: Balconies are not made for this

Snorkels are Made for Napping?

So the enterprising lad above is most likely heading for disaster. Some folks on social media think the dad in this bit of swimming pool news is also courting trouble. I mean, what could possibly go wrong, napping, face down in a swimming pool? After all, he has his head protected from hitting the side of the pool with his floatation device.

Let’s see, the snorkel could dip below the surface (or fall out of his mouth) and he gets a mouth full of water? Startling perhaps, but probably not fatal.

Swimming Pool Newsflash: snorkels are for napping

Probably not…but it may be appealing to nap in your pool, there is a risk of drowning when falling asleep in water–even your bathtub

That being said, based on the color of his back, I suspect he is at a much higher risk of getting a severe sunburn than anything long-lasting from the actual snorkel.

Still, we think you ought to reserve the snorkel for, well, snorkeling…or even swimming laps, rather than water naps.

Do you have fun shots of smart, or not-so-smart (depending on your point of view) ways to have fun in the water this summer? Send us a pic and tell us the story and maybe we’ll share it here, or on our Facebook page!

Have fun, and be safe, and no, those are definitely not mutually exclusive ideas. But you already know that, don’t you!