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Swimming Pool Safety and Monkeypox

Hey, I’m not a doctor and I didn’t even play one on television, so don’t take anything I say as medical advice. That being said, with the spread of Monkeypox there are questions and concerns about swimming pool safety and the virus. Just as there was at the beginning of the COVID pandemic folks wonder whether or not this virus can be spread in the swimming pool or spa.

The short answer is, probably not.

The longer answer is, be ensure your hot tub and swimming pool safety is to maintain your water chemistry and keep your water areas clean. This includes changing our filters when needed and brushing the sides of your pool. This is true whether or not we are in a pandemic situation.

Experts say that because the monkeypox virus is not waterborne, it is unlikely that it would be spread in a swimming pool (or hottub), particularly one that is well-maintained with proper chlorine levels.


Check with your doctor if you have more questions about monkeypox or other viruses.

If you need help maintaining your pool or spa, or are not sure what the proper chemistry should be in order to keep your family safe, then give us a call at 831-438-0882 to schedule an appointment.