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Swimming Pool Solar Heating Warms Hearts

4 Examples in Santa Cruz County of Swimming Pool Solar Heating Solutions

Here in Santa Cruz County we love our swimming pools and spas. And spas are great year-round, but heating a pool here can be quite costly.

Here Comes the Sun…

Fortunately, thanks to our beautiful sunshine, as the following four clients’ pools demonstrate, we can greatly extend the swimming season with solar heating systems.

Ground Mounted Solar Heating System

Ground mount pool solar heating system installed in Pasatiempo, Santa Cruz

This solar heating system may look strange to you. That is because we are used to seeing them installed on rooftops. But for this Pasatiempo, Santa Cruz family it was more practical to mount their system on the ground.

Beth and James have two boys who swim on the Santa Cruz High School team. During the summer the boys would practice at home to get in shape for the upcoming season. You may well imagine that the cost to heat their pool was pretty high–and you would be right!

Sky High or Free Heat?

They were spending $300 and up, every month to heat the pool. I suggested they consider adding a solar heating system to maintain their swimming pools heat all summer–and even into the fall. I ran the numbers for them, comparing their current all gas system and one with the added solar array. The return on their investment will be as little as 2 summers. After that, the solar heating is free!

Happy Clients. Happy Kids.

Keeping the Neighborhood Kids Warm with Solar Heated Pool

Soquel CA swimming pool solar heating system

Up the road a bit, in Soquel, the Jaimanson’s love the fact that all the neighborhood kids enjoy hanging at their house. Their pool is “the” place for all of them to congregate in the summer.

They gave me a call and I recognized a familiar look in their eyes. Would rising fuel costs mean cutting back on the pool temp–and freezing out the fun? Or could a new swimming pool solar heating system keep the kids warm and also protect their cash?

Happily for them, the sun shines just about every day in the hills of Soquel. They are now able to heat their pool with all that free sunshine!

Happy Clients. Happy Kids. (recognize a theme here?)

Solar Heating for Home Therapy Pool

roof mount solar heating for therapy pool

Kids aren’t the only ones who like swimming pools in Santa Cruz. While young at heart, Russel and Kathy are an older couple. They use their pool for therapy.

There are so many great ways that you can get therapeutic benefits from your pool. Kathy has a physical trainer that helps her with low impact pool workouts for her arthritis.

I will never forget Cathy telling me that she is a “tough gal, but a cold pool is just no fun.” When I finished this job I received flowers and a beautiful Thank You note.

I’d say she is having fun again! No more cold pool. Happy Clients.

Pool Therapy for Pets, too

Solar heating panels for dog therapy pool in Aptos, CA

Cindy and Beth are a beautiful couple with 5 dogs. In addition to that, they run a pet therapy business out of the home in Aptos, California. They provide warm water therapy for their four legged clients who have had surgery or have hip dysplasia.

They are on propane, and the cost to keep their pet therapy pool at the right temp was taking a bite out of their business cash.

The cost effective solution for these business owners? Solar heating for their pet therapy pool mounted on the roof, where as you can see, it gets plenty of sunshine.

Repeat after me: Happy Clients Happy Pets.