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Aptos Swimming Pool Transformation to Tiki Paradise (step 1)

Aptos Couple Seeks Tiki Tropical Paradise

Our clients Terri and John, who live in Aptos, called me about their “sad” pool.

pool filtration equipment before

Naturally, we want to help them have a “happy” pool experience, so I asked, “What do you want, Terri and John?”

Their answer:

We want a Tiki Tropical Paradise!

Looking at my website and logo design, you can understand that I totally get this design desire!

First we had to sit down and figure out what needed to be done in order to reach the end goal.

There are three things required in the making of any Tiki Tropical Paradise
1) Proper Filtration
2) True energy efficiency
3) Warmth and Family

First comes the swimming pool filtration equipment upgrade to their Aptos pool

pool filtration equipment after

I think we have provided a great start with proper filtration.

Next, we move to #2 on the list–a solar heating array that will provide warm water that is energy efficient and extends the swimming season.

All it takes is a dream. *Aloha*