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Toughest Pool Safety Law in the Nation Went into Effect Jan 1

Pool Safety is Something We Take Very Seriously

Swimming Pool fun

We LOVE swimming pools and spas. We KNOW they provide tremendous health benefits to their users. We ENJOY spending time in the water and so do our customers.

However, like a lot of healthy and fun activities, there are potential risks when you own a pool or spa. Every person buying a pool or spa, or buying a property that has an existing hot tub or pool needs to be aware of the hazards. This is to protect their own family members, guests, and even people who wander in when you least expect them.

3500 people drown every year in this country in backyard pools and spas. Most of these drowning victims are children under 14 years. There are others who survive but suffer permanent brain damage. By some estimates there are 3 times as many hospitalizations as deaths from drowning. Some pretty serious statistics.

pool safety

To combat this, the state has passed a new pool safety law that went into effect in California as of Jan 1 2018. And this law is the toughest in the nation. This regulation (SB-442) was approved by the Governor  October 11, 2017.

The law affects both newly-constructed or remodeled pools & spas. Well, it also affects you if you are buying or selling a home with a pool.

A regulation mandating new or remodeled swimming pools have at least one layer of protection such as a fence, a cover or an alarm has been on the books for 20-something years.

What’s new about this law in 2018? Spas and pools must have at least 2 layers of protection. Some examples are: enclosures separating the pool or spa from the home; lockable gates; approved pool covers; exit alarms on the doors of the home; an alarm in the pool that sounds when someone enters the water.

pool safety for pets

We do hope that this legislation is effective in the stated goal of saving lives. However, it is important that everyone takes personal responsibility for their property, their children, themselves, and even their pets when it comes to being around water. Not every pool or spa is covered–for example, if you live in an apartment complex, this regulation doesn’t force the building owner to upgrade their pool safety equipment.

If you are concerned about the safety of your pool or spa, give us a call and we can check it out for you. If you have an older style cover, it might be smart to get a modern design that prevents people from getting trapped in the cover if they should fall in. In some cases you might just need to add some latches to an existing fence.

We want to enjoy your pool, spa, or hot tub–for many, many years to come!

Do you like to read the actual legislation? (OK, really, there are people who do…if you are one of them, you can read the new pool safety legislation here.)

Do you have more questions about the pool safety legislation? Read the FAQ’s from the California Pool & Spa Association here.