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Water Saving Strategies for Calif Pool & Hot Tub Owners

Don't Drain That Pool!

Don’t Drain That Pool!

There are new rules in many parts of Calif that severely curtail filling pools and hot tubs.These rules are completely local, and vary from town to town, but are prompted by Gov. Brown’s mandate to cut water use state-wide.

Our backyard water fun is seen by many as wasteful of a precious resource: water. Data does not support this position, but neither laws nor public opinion are necessarily based on facts. Instead of feuding, be proactive with some of these water saving strategies for your pool or hot tub.

Many of our clients use their pools and spas for fun, but also as part of their well-being program. This may be exercise or therapy, or both. Getting in the water is a great way for people to get exercise. The bouyancy allows individuals with joint problems or muscle aches to work out and stretch without the pounding they would get on the ground. Soaking in hot water helps ease aches and uses less water than regularly taking long showers.

Don’t Drain Your Pool!

Some cities restrict filling pools but not hot tubs while other municipalities have placed restrictions on both. But that doesn’t mean you should drain your pool or hot tub!

These restrictions mean it is even more important that you keep you pool and hot tub in proper running order. If you don’t already have one, consider getting a cover for your swimming pool or spa. Covers help reduce water loss through evaporation and they also can reduce your heating costs.

Another way to reduce your water loss is to keep you pool clean. Kake sure your pool equipment, including filters are working correctly. It is much easier to keep your pool and spa clean then to clean it up once it has turned green. Even a green pool doesn’t always need to be drained.

Pools Water Use vs LawnsIf you have a traditional lawn, installing a new pool or spa can actually conserve water according to studies by the Santa Margarita Water District. So don’t think you have to dig up your sod and replace it entirely with rocks (which generate and reflect heat.)

Whether you have an existing swimming pool, hot tub, or spa or you are looking at installing a new one, be sure to give us a call. We can discuss all the ways to save water, and money, so you are living the California lifestyle even in drought conditions.

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