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Why High Achievers Actually NEED a Hot Tub

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Are “Luxuries” like Hot Tubs Testosterone Driven Purchases?

Who hasn’t fantasized about winning LOTTO, Powerball, the Publisher’s Clearing House Sweepstakes, and the like? Maybe your fantasy was that you just signed a multi-million dollar contract for work, or sports. We all love the idea of being rich…but statistics show that most people who have a sudden wind-fall end up losing it all very quickly. They drop big bucks on fancy cars, vacations, homes without thinking and planning for the future.

But what about those high-achievers in Santa Cruz County? People who have worked their way to the riches? They also spend a lot of money on “luxuries”.

Why do people do that? And, let’s face it, a lot of this is guy-stuff…fast cars, fancy watches, etc. Maybe that is because there are more guys making that kind of money thanks to big sports…but I don’t want to get into a Bobby Riggs vs Billie Jean King kind of debate.

The question is why do these high achievers need to buy all this stuff (yes, including hot tubs)? Is it testosterone?

Not according to Yin Wu, former PhD student at the University of Cambridge and now based at Shenzhen University in China. Yin Wu with researchers from London Business School, University of Oxford, and University of Vienna, “investigated the effects of social status and testosterone levels on conspicuous consumption (buying expensive items to display wealth and income rather than meet actual needs).”

hot tubs make you feel like a winner

Without getting into all the scientific research, Wu says the results show that it isn’t about testosterone. Instead, the findings show it is about the feeling of being a winner.

So, in case you were thinking these guys don’t have feelings, now you know the truth: they do. And like everyone else they really like to feel like a winner.

Bottom line, don’t throw all your money away and end up broke, but DO spend some money on luxuries that help you feel like a winner.

We happen to think a hot tub is the perfect ticket! After all, this is one item that will have you soaking in luxury day after day, feeling like a winner every time, guaranteed! And in Santa Cruz, you can enjoy that luxury all year long!

Ready to feel like a winner? Give us a call and we’ll get you the perfect spa or hot tub, whether you want one in ground or on top.

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